European Yacht of the year 2022

The yacht

JPK 39 Fast Cruiser


The JPK 38 Fast Cruiser has been a dream yacht. The JPK 39 is the new model of Jacques Valer designed to overcome its predecessor. Combining perfectly the shipyard’s very successful racing legacy with a twist of luxury it is the perfect sailing boat for the sailor who wants to sail fast but also comfortably. The first boat will be launched in 2021 and our company is proud to own boat number 4, delivered on March 2022.


The boatyard's infused sandwich technology, the hull design and the carbon mast make the JPK39 very light and fast.

The twin rudders offer great comfort and control in any conditions.

The big sail area offers speed at low winds but the ergonomic cockpit make it easy and safe to handle.


The 3,98m stern width makes the interior much bigger than any other 39 footer.

The big side hatches make the interior very bright with nice views.

The lifting keel allows you to reach beautiful shallow beaches, cross shallow passages, or just be the closest one to the shore in the bay.

The watermaker makes your trip scheduling only about pleasure and not provisions


All the lines run back into the cockpit making it safe to execute any maneuver.

The staysail on a furler offers easy control in hard weather conditions but can be detached for easier tacking in light winds.

The spinnaker in a sock and the Code 0 on a furler, both systems pioneered for solo racing, make sailing fast, easy and safe even for double handed crew.



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